Delaney Sainfoin Seed

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• Grows to a height of 3 or more feet

•Taller than alfalfa

• Stems appear course but are soft and very palatable

• Many leaflets per leaf

• Rose-pink flowers on spike like head called a raceme

•Leaves: pinnate, alternate, 6 to 14 pairs, oblong to linear.

About Delany' Sainfoin: (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.) (Reg. no. CV-258, PI 639688) was developed by the Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station and jointly released with Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Plant Material Center, Bridger, MT.

It is a highly heterogeneous seed line derived from the open pollination of 176 plants from six different sources which had survived for 16 mo in the presence of the northern root-rot nematode, Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood (Gray et al., 1986). Sainfoin sources from which selections were made, number of plants selected, and percentage of contribution to the intercross were: 'Eski' (33, 19.0%) and two closely related lines ('Bozeman' [17, 9.6%] and 'Creston' [36, 20.4%]); 'W-40' (32, 18.0%); 'Remont' (30, 17.0%) and 'Melrose' (28, 16.0%). A six-entry replicated variety trial from which selections were made was established on 26 Apr. 1981 at the University of Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station at Torrington, WY (42[degrees]4'45"N,

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University of Wyoming Studies show these key attributes of Sainfoin:

Non-bloating characteristic of green forage

in ruminant animals

Extremely palatable and nutritional forage

Resistance to the alfalfa weevil

Excellent honey production

Good drought tolerance

Extremely winterhardy and frost tolerant

Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen

Low phosphorus requirement

Non-invasive species